Webinar: Calculating The True ROI of Your BIM Content Hosting Investment

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OK, it was a bit of a long title, so here’s the full one….”Calculating the True ROI of your BIM Content Hosting Investments: Why Your Current Hosting Partners Only Tell You Half the Story”.  Join us on June 8th at 8amPT for an insightful webinar along with our guests – Sean McDonald, Global BIM/CAD Manager at Shen Milsom & Wilke and Peter Lawrence, a Business Development Consultant at Planar who will provide unique insights from the AECO & manufacturer perspectives.

There’s no shortage of hosting platforms to choose from when considering how to distribute your BIM content, but how do you know which ones are actually helping your products get specified and increasing sales of your products? The honest answer is you can’t, because downloads simply don’t equal specifications.

That means even if you have great products, your content may not be getting into your customers’ models and your chances of getting specified are slim. That’s why we created UNIFI Connect – a premium distribution channel of BIM content. UNIFI Connect is different from other hosting services because your content is placed on a trusted platform that is directly integrated into the Autodesk Revit workflows of leading AEC firms across the globe – greatly increasing your opportunity to get specified and providing you with analytics on how and where your content is being used in your customers’ models, not just how many times a designer downloaded your content and then deleted it when it didn’t meet their firms’ standards.

Join us on Thursday, June 8th at 8am PT to learn why UNIFI Connect is the first content platform that enables you to calculate the true ROI of your BIM content investment and explore how we can help you develop direct relationships with world’s leading AECO firms.


○ Downloads Don’t Equal Specification – Why downloads and impressions don’t actually mean much

○ Today’s Content Hosting Landscape – Why AECOs want your content but can’t currently trust it in their models

○ How UNIFI Connect Enables Direct Access to Your Customers – Platform Demo

○ Why Our Analytics Enables True ROI Calculation – Use Case & Manufacturer Guest Panelist