How to Learn Revit for Free!

Revit is a game changing building design and documentation software that allows you to leverage BIM across all phases and disciplines in the building life cycle. If you take the time to implement and learn Revit, you’ll enjoy endless benefits individually and professionally including the ability to create intelligent 3D building models that can be used across all disciplines in the building design process and a competitive edge by producing quality projects that makes your work stand out.

As evidenced by the aforementioned, the benefits of Revit are vast and taking the time to learn Revit will definitely yield a worthwhile ROI on both your time and money. However, just like you can expect with any powerful software, you’ll need to take the time to learn Revit in order to successfully implement and incorporate it in your workflows. A simple Google search will show you that there are many options to learn Revit, most of which come with a hefty price tag and even bigger time commitment.Learn Revit

In order to help you learn Revit quickly and for free, we created a crash course Revit tutorial where you can learn Revit basics including defining a Revit model, Revit Families, Parameters, Views, Schedules, and Sheets. Whether you’re starting your transition into BIM (by choice or because it’s typically the requirement these days), looking for a refresher to learn Revit basics, are moving away from AutoCAD and already have a solid foundation in creating construction documentation, or are just starting in your role as a BIM manager, our learn Revit video will equip you with the knowledge you need to get started set you on the path to become a Revit power user.

Are you ready to begin to begin to learn Revit for free? You’re in the right place! Simply fill out the form below, and we’ll email you the comprehensive learn Revit video, created by UNIFI’s very own BIM expert, directly to your inbox for free.

We hope you enjoy and wish you the best of luck as you learn Revit and enjoy it’s endless capabilities.