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Meet UNIFI’s global partners.


UNIFI Labs is a software and services company focused on providing the most comprehensive BIM content life cycle solutions for the building industry.

The concept of UNIFI Labs came from industry veterans Dwayne Miller and Ken Gardner.  With their extensive knowledge of the design and building processes, Ken and Dwayne understood the BIM challenges architects, engineers, contractors and property owners were dealing with and formed UNIFI to help solve those problems. They assembled a team of professionals who share the same commitment to innovation and improvement, which led the creation of the powerful UNIFI cloud-platform.

UNIFI Labs currently offers content engagement software for AECOs, content distribution for BPMs and BIM content creation services for both AECos and BPMs.  Our roadmap is focused on further developing our cloud platform to facilitate the discover, management and contextualization of content and data used to design, construct and operate buildings.

Our global headquarters is located in Las Vegas NV USA, with additional offices located in San Francisco, Melbourne AUS and Adelaide AUS. 




Our Strategic partners are industry leading BIM content and software providers who share our mission to advance the value the building industry realizes from BIM.



Our BIM Expert partners are local consultants working with customers to advance their BIM and UNIFI expertise by providing BIM Management support and training.


Dodge Data & Analytics, North America

Dodge Data & Analytics is North America’s leading provider of analytics and software-based workflow integration solutions for the construction industry. Building product manufacturers, architects, engineers, contractors, and service providers leverage Dodge to identify and pursue unseen growth opportunities and execute on those opportunities for enhanced business performance.

Itannex, Europe

Itannex provides their customers with the training, support, and expertise needed to help realize the full power of Autodesk products. They help increase productivity, maximize ROI, and gain competitive advantage. Itannex covers a multitude of disciplines, including Architectural, Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing and Infrastructure.

ENGworks, North America

ENGworks is an internationally recognized Building Information Modeling (BIM) service and solutions provider, continuously developing new processes, tools and services for Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Trade Contractors, Construction Managers, Manufacturers, as well as Owners and Operators.

IGS, Austrailia 

Established in 2013 and based in Australia, IGS is a dynamic, specialised, client focused organisation dedicated to providing professional engineering, sustainability and facility services with the view to delivering complete and innovative solutions.


Francois Dionne, Quebec

Technical assistance, modelization, management and standard formations.

Brad Strauss, Australia

bimco is a BIM services consultancy that provides BIM Management, support and training for Architectural, Design and Engineering firms.

John King, London and United Kingdom

John King BIM Solutions Ltd is a UK-based Consultancy that assists and supports AECOs with their Building Information Modelling adoption, by providing BIM implementation and Revit training, support and content creation.

PNC Studios,  USA

PNC Studios provides design and construction technology implementation to designers, builders, manufacturers and owners. As a trusted advisor, PNC Studios provides cross-discipline technology integration that increases profitability by the implementation of best practices, resolution of inefficiencies and mitigation of project stresses from the digital delivery process. Their services include contextual implementation, real time simulation, and customized development. 

Nittygritty, London 

Nittygritty has provided BIM consultancy, IT Support and Software for creative and construction professionals since 2003. Specialists in digital design tools like AutoDesk Revit, Bentley CAD, Sketchup and Creative Suite, they are creators of innovative software tools and solutions to meet client and industry needs.