BIM Content Management Mishaps and How to Avoid Them

Improperly managed BIM projects can often feel like a house booby trapped by Kevin McCallister. You might recall the Home Alone burglars were faced with burning doorknobs, paint can pendulums, slippery stairs, and (the one that makes me cringe) a blowtorch to the head.   Sure, they deserved it, but you don’t.  You might find yourself in a project with a problem at […]

7 Mistakes BIM Managers Should Avoid When Collaborating on a Project

“Many hands make light work.” Or do they? Most of the time, sure, that is likely the case. But when it comes to a BIM project, BIM managers could make mistakes that turn that collaboration to chaos. In this article, we are sharing seven major mistakes you could make when collaborating on a project. But […]