Improve Your BIM Library With UNIFI’s Content Audit

BIM has become an essential part of the AECO industry over the last several years; so much so that many even consider it is one of the greatest technological advancements in the industry today. A foundational component of BIM is the content that comprises 3D models. BIM content includes everything from the assets that make up the appearance of the building to the technical aspects beneath the surface of your design. Top-quality BIM content has accurate data, is easy to use, is compact in size, and ultimately increases the velocity of any project delivery. Overall, the list of benefits of solid BIM content are endless and foundational to any quality BIM project. 

At UNIFI Labs, we understand that quality BIM content is also foundational to reaping the full benefits of our industry-leading BIM content management system leveraged by 40,000 users at leading AECOs across the globe. After all, what good is locating the content you’re looking for, four times as fast, if it’s not usable? To help, we are pleased to share our content audit reports.  

UNIFI’s content audit reports entails working with an experienced BIM expert to help you dissect and audit your content library. With your dedicated UNIFI team member, you can expect a thorough content analysis, personalized quality assessments, data review, and library recommendations. Once complete, your UNIFI BIM expert will gather and prepare a report of their findings in an easy-to-read and share dashboard. You can check out a sample of what this looks like, here.

As you can see, your customized content audit report will tell you essential information about your content library, including:  

• The level of nested components and what those nested families are  

• The distinct number of parameters and which parameters are shared and part of your company shared parameter file  

• Formula lengths within parameters  

• CAD imports in Revit content 

• File sizes  

• Color-coded recommendations  

• White family parameters repeat in multiple pieces of content that are not identified, as shared parameters (coming soon) 

In conclusion, BIM has revolutionized the AECO world for the better and it is undoubtable that high quality content is foundational to fully reaping the benefits of BIM. Leveraging UNIFI to manage your BIM content will save your designers time and your organization thousands of dollars per year, but requisite to  this, is getting your content library in order. 

We would love to help.  Ready to have your content library audited? Please fill out the form below!

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Revit 2023: First Look Webinar On April 12th at 11am PT/ 2pm ET

You’re invited to join our upcoming webinar, “First Look: Revit 2023”.

Employee Spotlight: Josh Kennedy

Employee Spotlight: Meet Josh

Being part of the UNIFI team also means that you’re part of a family – and one that’s committed to journeying with AECO industry leaders and realizing their efficiency with UNIFI. Josh Kennedy has only been at UNIFI for the past year, but he has become an essential member of UNIFI family with his dedication, passion, and results-driven attitude, making him a top-notch Director of Sales! Being the Director of Sales, Josh enables BIM leaders to standardize their libraries and gain insights into model health, as well as helping existing UNIFI clients expand their current deployment and adoption.  

We sat down with Josh to get his take on working at UNIFI, and all the great aspects of UNIFI that he has enjoyed since joining the team. Continue to read below to see our interview with Josh! 

What has your experience been with our company culture at UNIFI? 

I love it! The team has been helpful and is open to help from others. It’s clear we are unified in working to create a better now and enable a better future for our partners. 

What are some things you’ve noticed about our leadership team? 

They’re present, knowledgeable, and reachable. I’ve been able to spend quality time with each of our leaders. They are also very sharp and professional. I look forward to working with them for years to come. 

What parts of our mission do you connect with?  

“Creating a better now to enable a better future” is something that resonates with me in both our industry and my personal life. When it comes to building and designing, it’s a trade that will never go away. There’s always room for improvement, in this industry and with UNIFI’s help, to do things more efficiently and accurately. I personally enjoy watching things like new buildings and local improvement projects come to life. I like to think we’re helping bring those projects to completion sooner than previously possible. 

What have been your biggest accomplishments on our team? 

So far, I’ve been happy to help add new logos to our growing list of business partners and begin expanding our existing relationships. I have also enjoyed collaborating with other departments and even leading a team-building event. I look forward to accomplishing more of all the above. 

Which benefits are your favorite and why? 

Trips to spend time face to face with the team are invaluable. It helps us get to know each other and work more closely going forward. The healthcare benefits are also amazing. It helps create peace of mind for me and my family. 

Before working here, what was an exciting job you had? 

Building homes. Watching things go from nothing to something that someone else was able to enjoy. 

What drew you to UNIFI originally? And how has UNIFI changed since? 

The people and the industry. It’s great to be helping bring real-world, physical projects to life and the team is awesome. The only thing that has changed is that I’ve met more of the team and  they are all people that I’m proud to work with. 

Wrap Up

We’re grateful to have contributors like Josh on team UNIFI. Want to learn more about the great people that make UNIFI, the industry leading BIM content management platform, happen? You’re in the right place. Subscribe to our blog by filling out the form below! Or are you interested in learning more about UNIFI’s platform and how to get a free trial of UNIFI? Visit us here: 

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UNIFI Pro Version: 3.9.3


We are excited to announce that our 3.9.3 software update is now live! This minor update will provide stability fixes for UNIFI Pro.

For more information on this update, please read below and remember you will need to update UNIFI to be able to access this update.


New Functionality

• The “suggest a feature link” now takes users to our new Idea Portals. You can check out the details, here.

bug fixes

Fixed the issue with intermittent UNIFI-related .NET Framework errors in Revit. 


Thank you for being a valued UNIFI customer and taking the time to check out our release.  

Until next time,  if there’s a feature, update, or bug fix you’re hoping for in a future UNIFI release, please don’t hesitate to let us know. 

UNIFI’s Webinar “Back To Basics: Jargon, BIM Acronyms and Terms Defined” Recapped + Our Free BIM Bible

UNIFI Labs, the industry leading BIM content management platform that saves designers 200 hours a year, has been hosting the most highly attended webinars in the AECO industry for years now, covering many different BIM industry topics. Ultimately, these webinars are aimed at educating and entertaining industry leaders around their BIM strategies. 

We hosted our most recent webinar on March 9, “Back To Basics: Jargon, BIM Acronyms and Terms Defined”. Our inspiration behind this webinar was from a recent survey of leading BIM consultants where we learned that “BIM wash” or misalignment around BIM terminology was one of the greatest hurdles in BIM adoption and expansion among leading AECO’s today. 

As a result and to help with this, we prepared this webinar focused on reviewing  BIM acronyms, jargon, and terminology while discussing real-life examples that demonstrated why having these terms mastered across your organization is foundational to taking full advantage of the benefits of BIM. UNIFI had their very own BIM expert, Karen Pierce CM-BIM, host the webinar where she discussed this plus showed off our “BIM Bible” e-book which defines all of the BIM terms your organization needs to get aligned and avoid “BIM wash”. 

Those who joined the webinar came away with: 

•Mastering the acronyms, Jargon, and terms associated with BIM  

•Reviewing the resources available to stay in the know of ever-evolving industry terminology  

•Tips on educating those who work outside the model on BIM terminology  

•An understanding of real-life examples of how the alignment of BIM language empowered leading AECO organizations to gain velocity and enhance culture at their firms

Are you interested in avoiding “BIM wash” and increasing communication around BIM terminology at your organization? In the form below, you can access the recording of the webinar as well as get your free copy of our new BIM bible, which contains all the must-know BIM terminology.  

You can download both assets by filling out the form below! Enjoy and congratulations on prioritizing improving your BIM terminology knowledge. You’re one step closer to enhancing  communication around all things BIM at your organization.  

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March 9 @ 11 am PDT: BIM Terminology Basics

You’re invited to join our upcoming webinar, “Back to the Basics: BIM Acronyms, Jargons, and Terms Defined.” “Back to the Basics: BIM Acronyms, Jargons, and Terms Defined.”