Risks of the Cloud for a BIM Manager

 We’ve all heard the famous question, ‘What came first the chicken or the egg?’ For those of us in the BIM world, ‘What came first BIM or The Cloud?’ is equally as debated. With all of the interoperability today between the two, it can be difficult to remember. BIM, referring to a building model, was […]


Do you ever feel overwhelmed on getting started with something new? We’ve all been there… you start searching the web and find an overwhelming amount of information, some of which is solid and some of which isn’t relevant to what you’re looking for at all. This is exactly what I experienced when I  was looking […]

2019: UNIFI’S Year In Review

The first few days of the new year always seem to invite reflection. 2019 was a year of intense focus for us, and we believe the whole UNIFI team would agree it was the most significant growth year in our company’s history.   When we started our journey several years back as a small spinoff […]