Watts on Connect

Watts is a global leader of high-quality, worldwide water solution technologies. What started with a pressure relief valve in a tiny New England machine shop has paved the way for the breadth of products you see today for residential, industrial, municipal, and commercial settings. Today, Watts family of brands offers one of the most varied product lines in the world, with world-class, water-related solutions focused on drainage, HVAC and hot water, plumbing and flow control, as well as water quality and rainwater harvesting. Because when a need has yet to be met, their people get to work.

The Watts Mission

To improve comfort, safety, and quality of life for people around the world through our expertise in a wide range of water technologies. We strive to be the best in the eyes of our associates, customers, and shareholders.

Over five years ago, Watts made a decision to provide BIM content to their customers for use in their Revit projects. Fast forward to today, and Watts is providing their robust BIM content library on UNIFI’s Connect platform to make it easier for their customers to find and use their Revit families.

What is Connect?

UNIFI Pro offers a streamlined way for Revit users to find families provided by manufacturers through “channels”. By subscribing to channels (at no additional cost), admins enable their entire team to access hundreds of Revit families provided by manufacturers. Once subscribed, users will have the ability to find content from their internal libraries as well as manufacturer channels with a single search.

Data-rich Families on Connect by Watts

As we all know, data is of the utmost importance when building BIM objects and Watts has taken a data-centric approach when building their families. The parameters within the Watts Revit families are usable right out of the box and enables users to perform calculations as needed by using data such as total heating capacity, flow weight, voltage, and weight.

In addition, cut sheets are easily accessible through a URL parameter which links directly to the product data page on aerco.com.

Searching for BIM Content Using Data

One of the benefits of UNIFI Pro is its ability to search through the data encapsulated within Revit families. Imagine that you need to find a 120 volt water heater for your Revit project. Without UNIFI, the term “120v” or similar would need to be in the family name in order users to understand that it is a 120 volt family. With UNIFI Pro, simply search for the keyword “heater” in conjunction with the Search Revit Parameters feature.

Because the Watts families have the proper parameters defined, UNIFI Pro was able to find all 120 volt water heaters easily and without a complex naming convention.

Check Out Watts on UNIFI Connect

If you’re a current UNIFI Pro customer, you can access Watts Revit families at no additional cost. Simply navigate to the subscriptions page on the web portal and subscribe to the Watts channel.

For those of you who aren’t on the UNIFI platform yet, contact us at sales@unifilabs.com to take advantage of the Watts content on UNIFI Connect.

Additional Engineering Resources from Watts

Watts builds tools to help streamline and accelerate your work, ensuring your projects are a success from start to finish. Selexit is their online configurator that helps size, configure, and select products faster. Watts also offers the ATS Spec tool, an online specification information system that connects the design community and their building spec requirements to the latest products. To see more design tools for engineers, visit their Planning page.

Autodesk University 2019: Join Us at Booth AE450

Autodesk University
Autodesk University

It’s that time of the year again! Autodesk University is around the corner and of  the team at UNIFI Labs is working diligently to prepare for one of the biggest events in our industry. Every year over 10,000 professionals from AEC, commercial real estate, industrial design, and entertainment attend AU in Las Vegas.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of attending Autodesk University yet, read on as we cover our top three benefits of attending Autodesk University.

1) Learn: What Works and What Doesn’t?

Autodesk University
Photo Credit: Shaan Hurley

One of the obvious benefits of attending Autodesk University is the knowledge gained from the classroom-style educational sessions.

These sessions cover a wide variety of topics which are typically presented by end-users, which means less product pitches from vendors and more case studies and success stories from project team members. It is always valuable to learn how peers are solving problems, and what better platform to share knowledge than one of the biggest events in our industry?

There are several different sessions at Autodesk University for all types of companies and roles. Design firms, construction companies, building owners, and building product manufacturers can all benefit from the sessions at Autodesk University, so long as you choose wisely. So start digging through the sessions listed on Autodesk.com as soon as possible because space is always limited and the best sessions fill up fast!

2) Network at Autodesk University: Reconnect with Colleagues and Meet New Ones

Autodesk University
Photo Credit: Shaan Hurley

As with any conference, another benefit to attending Autodesk University is the surplus of networking opportunities.

In between the AU sessions, you’ll find yourself bumping into people from all over the world. You might run into colleagues from former companies or influencers that you follow on social media. Ideally, you’ll even make new connections.

However, the time between sessions can be incredibly hectic, so if one of your primary goals at Autodesk University is to network, I would recommend attending as many “after hours” events that you can. Last year, I was fortunate to attend the Sanveo happy hour which was not only an open bar, but a focused group which, to no surprise, were all talking shop about AEC tech, project delivery, and everything else we deal with during our daily grind.

UNIFI also hosts an invite-only happy hour in our private suite every year at Autodesk University as well. We use this opportunity to connect with clients and colleagues while unplugged from the hustle and bustle of Autodesk University. If you have any friends at UNIFI, maybe there’s a chance you can get on the guestlist if you ask nicely! Please contact us here if you’d like to attend. 

If networking is a focal point for you at AU, be sure to be on the look out for after-hours events where business cards will be handed out like hot cakes!

3) Explore: New and Improved Tech at Autodesk University

Autodesk University
Photo Credit: Shaan Hurley

One of my personal favorite attractions at Autodesk University is The Expo. The learning sessions and networking are both engaging in their own ways, but The Expo is where you can be free to explore all of the new technology in our industry. In addition to the virtual reality headsets, 3D printers, and laser scanning devices, there will be rows and rows of software solutions which are designed to help you gain efficiency and manage data, which is exactly where the UNIFI team fits in.

You can be sure that The Expo at Autodesk University will have plenty of software to learn about and gadgets to get your hands on, so be sure to try to walk the floor to discover new and improved ways to design and build.

The UNIFI team will see you there!

We love conversing with current customers, new friends, and everyone else at Autodesk University. Come find us in The Expo at booth AE450 to learn about what we’ve been working on behind the scenes. We’ve had quite a few significant improvements to our suite of solutions this year, so stop by our booth and let’s chat!

In the meantime,  please check out our list of things to bring to AU.

See you soon!

Efficiency Gain: Store Entire Revit Sheets in UNIFI

When you think about dealing with dozens of detail sheets in Revit, what is your biggest pain point? What about schedule sheets?

Most commonly, users seem to agree that finding the right drafting views and schedules are extremely difficult using the out-of-the-box tools that Revit provides. There really isn’t a graceful way to organize and share drafting views and schedules. The good news is, UNIFI has provided a solution for this problem for several versions now by allowing users to store drafting views and schedules directly in the cloud thus eliminating the need for complex “container project” or “seed file” workflows.

Easily Share Detail and Schedule Sheets

In addition to the difficulty organizing and shared drafting views and schedules, placing them on sheets can be extremely time-consuming. This is the very reason that we’ve added the ability to store entire sheets in UNIFI Pro 3.4, including the drafting views and schedules that are placed them.

Easily Share Typical Detail Sheets Across Multiple projects

Leveraging UNIFI Pro to manage your company’s standard detail sheets can potentially save your team hours of time for every project. Without a tool to help manage these types of sheets, the typical workflow may look something like below.

This looks pretty simple, right? Well, consider a large project that needs over a dozen detail sheets and over 100 details. Plus, what about every project team across your entire company creating the same identical sheets? This suddenly become an extremely time-consuming task with extraneous duplicate effort across multiple projects.

Below is the new workflow as of UNIFI Pro 3.4. Once your team has access to your entire library of detail and schedule sheets, this time-consuming effort suddenly becomes a single-step process.

It’s that easy.

Create Sheets with Drafting Views and Schedules in Batch

As we look at eliminating the steps it typically takes to create these detail sheets for every project, you can increase efficiency even further by using UNIFI’s metadata to batch insert an entire subset of sheets.

In the screenshot below, you can see that this user has filtered their search by using three tags, [Detail Sheets], [Div 23-HVAC], and [Healthcare]. By using UNIFI’s metatags, the user is able to find their company’s standard mechanical detail sheets specific for healthcare projects.

From here, the user has selected all of these sheets (CTRL+A) and can now right-click and choose Batch Insert to load all of the drafting views and sheets into the current project.

Don’t forget to save this search so that you can access this very same subset of sheets easily using our saved search feature.

Efficiency Level: 1,000

You can be sure the new capability of storing sheets with drafting views and schedules in UNIFI will improve your efficiency on any given project at your company, especially when used in conjunction with the metatag and saved search features.

Helping our users become more efficient is one of our biggest priorities with UNIFI Pro and we hope this added feature makes a positive impact on your internal processes.