Sept 12 @ 11 AM pst: Webinar Invite

In this months BIM Like A Boss webinar we’ll be taking a closer look at model health and what it means for the success of your project. We’ll also look at the challenges standing in the way of model health maintenance and demonstrate how our NEW Project Analytics feature can help.  Click here to register.

Autodesk Rolls Out New Tools For Construction in Revit Update 2019.1

Earlier this month, Autodesk released the Revit 2019.1 update. Although it was a minor release, I’ve seen one feature which has gotten people excited: the Free Form Rebar tool. “In Revit 2019.1 the Free Form Rebar tool can now be used to create rebar sets with planar bars distributed along the faces of a structural element […]

What Does the Future of Building Information Modeling hold?

When I first learned about all of the technologies and processes surrounding Building Information Modeling (BIM), I was immediately drawn to the possibilities of breaking free from the traditional methods in which we design and construct buildings. Just the thought of using data rather than line drawings was disruptive enough in my mind. Considering what […]