Stantec/Furniture Mfgr. Case Study Reveals Strong ROI

Boy, are we excited about UNIFI Connect – which connects high quality manufacturer BIM content directly into the libraries of our user base of industry leading AECOs – and we know you’ll be too, once you see the results of a study we just wrapped up.  The results demonstrate a clear value to manufacturers in short period of time – just take a look:


The Study

A top tier furniture manufacturer’s BIM content library was shared with Stantec, a global leader in the building industry, using UNIFI Connect. Over the course of three months, data was collected on searches and downloads of the furniture library by Stantec designers. The results are compelling: UNIFI Connect delivers significant and measurable value.  


  • The furniture manufacturer’s library of content was used by Stantec in 35 different projects
  • 5,565 product searches included the manufacturer’s content
  • 138 total product model insertions led to $229,000 of specifications

You may have noted that the total specification figure is pretty conservative, as we are only displaying a single use of the product. In reality this number could be significantly higher based upon repeated usage of the product.

This study covered 3 months of use by a single customer. Now just imagine that the content was extended across the entire UNIFI customer base on an annual basis….those number would really start to increase!  By placing your content on UNIFI Connect, those impressive numbers can be your reality…contact us today and get your content on Connect – call us at 702.527.6460, email us at