CHS Healthcare: Intuitive Healthcare Revit Content

CHS (Ceiling Hoist Solutions) is an industry leading supplier of portable and fixed patient lifting systems into the healthcare sector. After a sporadic introduction to the world of BIM and Revit content creation, CHS is now enjoying the benefits of engaging UNIFI as their provider of Revit content and strategic BIM services.  CHS initially engaged with UNIFI BIM Solutions which was acquired by UNIFI in 2016.

Project Background

Prior to working with UNIFI, CHS had engaged another Revit content creator to develop a Revit content library for their fixed ceiling hoist range. However, upon launching this initial library, CHS were advised by their Architecture clients that their Revit families did not meet their needs. In turn, CHS were advised by their clients to work with UNIFI as the industry’s leading Revit content creator, capable of creating a new, high quality Revit content library that would be utilized by commercial Architecture firms.


The CHS product range of ceiling hoists is made up of numerous components, including rails, hoists, hangers and droppers. The rail components in this product range in particular are highly customizable so that bespoke systems can be created for any kind of room layout in a healthcare environment. The main challenge from a Revit content creation standpoint was to create a simple solution for a complex product range. Specifically, UNIFI needed to develop a Revit content library that could adequately detail and document the complete range of system configurations available, whilst ensuring users were able to utilize and manipulate the content in a project environment with relative simplicity.


To ensure the CHS Revit library specifically catered to the needs and wants of their clients, Healthcare Architecture BIM specialists across the industry were consulted in the development of the Revit family library. The subsequent content library developed for this product range is highly parametric and extremely intuitive. This intuitiveness provides users the ability to efficiently create documentation for highly customized ceiling hoist systems on the fly, without having to spend considerable time understanding the complexities of the system itself. By implementing a number of constraints and conditional statements into the content, users can create documentation (2D, 3D and schedules) for complete ceiling hoist systems combining hoists, droppers and rails. This is simply undertaken by adjusting intuitive family parameters and/or choosing predefined products from a sample Revit project/product library.


To date, the feedback given to CHS from Architecture professionals on the quality and usability of the CHS Revit content library has been exceptional. Architects are finding the library a great asset to their practice when specifying ceiling hoist systems for Hospitals and Aged Care projects in particular. Owing to the quality of the library, CHS has been invited by the Architect and managing contractor of a major hospital development project to assist with populating a project model with their ceiling hoist systems throughout the Revit project. UNIFI has been happy to provide this service on behalf of CHS to the contractor.