Get Your Products Specified More Often


Put your products in the hands – and models – of the world’s leading architects and engineers. Rely on UNIFI’s team of experienced content creators to translate the unique specifications of your components to BIM and increase commercial project specification sales volumes and customer satisfaction. UNIFI is recognized across the globe as an industry leader in developing high quality, Revit content libraries. We’ve built thousands of BIM components for hundreds of Building Product Manufacturers across the world.  And, for manufacturers who host their content on UNIFI Connect, the content gets delivered directly into the libraries and models of designers.

Why Should Manufacturers Provide Revit Content?

Autodesk Revit has become the most widely used BIM authoring tool used by Architects, Engineers and Contractors to design and coordinate commercial building projects. Manufacturers who offer quality Revit content for their products are empowering specifiers with the ability to generate project documentation deliverables more efficiently and more accurately. This increases the likelihood of the manufactuers products being specified, especially in circumstances where another supplier cannot provide Revit content for their products, or the quality of their Revit content by comparison is inferior.

Quality is Everything

Understanding how Revit content is used by design professionals in projects Revit is critical in creating content that gets specified. Revit families are not just ‘another type of 3D CAD file’ that anyone with a CAD or drafting background can create – the UNIFI team has experience developing high quality Revit content across a broad range of manufacturers.

Unless Revit families are created by Revit content creation specialists, it is highly likely they will
end up being of little use to designers and therefore, provide minimal value to the manufacturer.

Take a look at how superior content has translated into customer success for organizations like Legrand, Wilkhahn,  Britex and more.