Release Notes

v1.5.3.2 has been released!

We spent a lot of time on this release, more than usual for a minor release. We wanted to clear the plate of all known bugs prior to releasing some really big upcoming features. You will notice some subtle changes in the User Interface of some screens within Unifi like the File Details page. These small subtle design changes are part of a larger project to completely streamline the entire user interface in Unifi. Bits and pieces of this initiative will be released incrementally.

We hope you enjoy this release! Please leave us feedback in the comments below.

Unifi v1.5.3.2 | Release date 5/29/2015

New Features

  • Date/Time Localization – More work was done to display dates and times in local region formats. Where times are shown the column label will now display “(UTC)” for clarity.
  • Added a Edit button to Users Admin and Library Admin screens
  • Added an “Updated” date column to the search results details view. You can now sort by data modified by selecting this column header to sort.
  • Search Engine modification – When more than one meta tag is used in the search, the engine will now use the AND operator instead of the OR.
    • For Example – a search of “[wall hung] [toilets]” will return all content that has BOTH tags applied.
  • Library & User Management – A loading bar has been added in both views during operations for a better user experience
  • File Details Page updated UI
    • New header with edit button
    • Delete Button has been removed
    • Revision has been renamed to “Active Revision”
    •  Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 10.12.37 AM
  • File Details Page – new Library Management tab (Admins Only)
    • This new tab will be visible to Company & Library admins only.
    • You can now move a piece of content from one library to another.
    • If all libraries are deselected (and the admin has rights to all libraries) the content will be deleted.
    • Only the libraries the user has access to will be displayed.
    • Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 10.21.22 AM

Exterminated Bugs

  • Disabled the user from searching with an empty search term
  • Saved Search Edit Screen – Removed the meta tag hover state that indicates “Search this tag” as it is not intended to search from this screen.
  • Upload Screen – While Unifi is in collapse mode and you tried to drag and drop files to upload, Unifi would not auto expand. Unifi will now automatically expand to allow users to drag and drop files while in collapse mode.
  • Batch Exporting Views – When batch exporting views from certain work shared enabled projects, a Revit work share dialog would popup for every view causing the export to not progress. This dialog has been suppressed to resolve this issue.
  • User Detail Screen – Fixed a bug that would cause Unifi to crash in some cases when the user would try to log out of Unifi from this particular screen.
  • Content Request Screen (Admin) – Fixed a bug that was not allowing tags to be added or removed after a file was uploaded to an “In Progress” content request. Tags must now be added prior to uploading a file.
  • Content Results Screen – Fixed a bug when in detail view when you would rapidly click the column headers an error message would incorrectly appear stating that Unifi failed to insert the file.
  • Browse – Fixed a bug where in some cases double categories were being displayed.
  • Content Results – Fixed a bug where in some cases when content was removed from a library the content would still show up in a search. This was due to a cached search result and all caches are now cleared when changes are made to a library.

I wanted to give a shoutout to a couple of great customers who have been awesome at submitting bugs and working with our support teams to hunt down issues for this release.

Helen, Fergus, Ryan, & Luke

A BIG thank you! 

v1.6 is already in our QA department and includes Revit 2016 integration / support for Unifi! All of your existing content has already been updated to 2016. As soon as v1.6 is released your entire catalog will have 2016 version of families, details, and systems ready to be used on projects. Check back soon for more news on the upcoming v1.6 release!

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