Unifi Wins a Race!

I needed to see for myself how much faster I can work with Unifi vs. without.  Some of you ROI hunters out there need to know also, so pay attention!

So I put my lab coat on, got scientific and put together an experiment.  (We are after all a LAB!) A fair experiment.  An honest to goodness, fair experiment.  Remember, I needed to know for myself too.

I built a sample environment.  Then I created a script of components to use in a mock design.  First, 2 walls, then, an opening, then the doors, and on down till the last item. This script was on my other monitor so I could replicate the sequence for each video.  I then placed these components into a large Unifi library.  I also placed them into their respective folders in the generic content library in Windows Explorer.

I wanted to test the time difference to complete the design.

  • Method #1: Use the ‘Load Family’ button to load the families, then use the project browser or component drop down to place instances.
  • Method#2: Use Unifi to load and place instances.

Here is the recorded result:

Unifi WINS!!  By a lot, actually. (2.1 times faster to be exact – There’s that ROI!!)

In both tests I was honestly trying to complete the design as fast as possible.  I found that the traditional load/insert method is plain clunky to use.  There’s a lot of mouse movement required and there are multiple points of access for load and insert commands.  With Unifi, there’s only one place you need to go.  This is especially easy when Unifi is pinned to the top and auto collapsed.

We’re looking into ways of making it even faster, so keep paying attention!