Digital Content Management

A single source of truth to access and manage all of your firm’s digital content in the cloud.


“If you’re still using a server, you’re not BIM savvy.”
– GBD Architects

“Before it could take three minutes to search for an item. Now it takes five seconds.”

“Not only is this a great content library manager, it is shaping up to be a fantastic BIM analytics engine.”

“Foremost I have to congratulate you on your support culture. Second to none!”

“UNIFI works seamlessly with Revit and we’ve seen a 10x productivity increase due to workflow efficiencies.”
– Harvey’s Plumbing

“Easy to set up and deploy, this tool gives me the ability to better control the quality of my BIM models!”
– Inventrix

“With UNIFI, we have a way to contain content as a single point of truth.”
– Interior Architects

“UNIFI slotted seamlessly into our workflow. Library management is simple; analytics allow us to track content use and fix issues quickly. Our staff love it.”
– Jasmax

“Compliments to your incredibly efficient support team – yet again.”
– Jasmax

“It has really helped us to centralize content as well as make it easier for the end user to find the information they need, faster.”
– MulvannyG2 Architecture

“It was a really easy return on investment case.”

“I don’t think I can possibly explain how much help UNIFI is with our content. Literally amazing how easy it’s making our lives.”       – Harvey’s Plumbing

“Security is a major concern for us, as we are involved in several government projects.  UNIFI worked with us to provide the level of assurance we needed.” – Stantec

“UNIFI allows us to work smarter.” – HASSELL

“Folder structures proved to be inherently inefficient for accessing family files. UNIFI allows our project teams to quickly and easily search and manage Revit families, which will significantly improve our productivity.” – Grimshaw

“KTGY now looks like one company. All seven offices have access to content at any time with one source.” – KTGY

“We now have a central, sterile source of information, with no leakage of content.” -SMMA

“Updates are pushed out on the fly, in real time, ensuring that our teams have confidence in accessing and utilizing the most current content.” – SMMA

“The cloud is more secure than file-based solutions. We have total visibility on downloads and usage.  We were in the dark before UNIFI.”  – HASSELL


If an item can be saved as a file, it can be stored, searched and found on UNIFI. Access, control, manage & analyze content from various software packages and file formats across a project lifecycle to create drawings, schedules and requirements.

  • Multi-format support - any item that can be saved as a file can be stored & accessed using UNIFI

  • Unlimited libraries & content uploads including drafting views, schedules and system families

  • Search through content meta-data

  • Easily rename files & perform batch tag updates

  • Saved searches, favorites and ratings for quick access to common searches and collections

Unifi Search

Drive data consolidation of proprietary, generic and manufacturer content to create efficiencies and increase productivity.

Unifi Library

Access and share all of your digital content across teams and offices-anywhere and anytime, securely and in real-time.

  • Built on Amazon cloud infrastructure

  • Collaborate with outside consultants on joint projects

  • Instant search results and browsing

  • Manufacturer content channels - products and model groups. Subscribe, then customize!

  • Log in using leading “single sign on” identity providers

  • Streamline communication through content requests and upload approval workflows

  • Automatically create, store and retrieve file upgrades

  • Revision system keeps a full history of changes

  • Ensure security of your BIM & digital assets and who has access to content

  • Powerful reports and analytics allow for more insightful maintenance

  • Generate Schedules to easily report quantities and attributes of content

Unifi Dashboard

Leverage a robust suite of admin tools to help manage your content and optimize workflows throughout the building lifecycle.