Why is content management important and how is its value to AEC firms evolving? Internationally recognized BIM leader Marcello Sgambelluri recently dived into the content management market landscape, applying his 20 years of experience working on BIM projects as a project manager, design engineer, and BIM Director to determine what’s important in a content management system. Marcello will explore how content management can improve your workflows, what ROI you can expect from implementing a content management platform, and what key features to look for when evaluating potential solutions.

Join us for a candid conversation with one of Autodesk University’s and BILT’s top-ranked speakers (a title he holds for a record 16 times!) where we will cover: 

-Getting started with content management

-Benefits of permission controls

-Ease of use matters

-Types of Content to be Stored

-Version Control and Revit Upgrades

-What’s better – Cloud or local file storage

-Analytics – Taking that next step

-Realizing and Maximizing ROI

And beyond! 

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