UNIFI Release 1-2021


We’re excited to announce that our latest software update is now live! You can now enjoy an enhanced UNIFI experience via:

•SSO Enhancments

•Several bug fixes and much more!

Keep reading for the full scoop and please note UNIFI Pro does not need to be updated to take advantage of this update.  UNIFI Pro 3.7 remains the latest version.


We’re excited to announce significant enhancements to our Single Sign On (SSO) functionality. 
Prior to this release, UNIFI’s SSO functionality included the ability to automatically create new users in UNIFI. Now, once SCIM provisioning is enabled, customers can also automate:
•User deactivation 
•User group updates 
•PATCH operations for updating users and user groups.

This additional functionality significantly reduces the manual effort required to manage users in UNIFI.

In addition, SSO provides significant efficiency gain for users by:

•Reducing password fatigue
•Simplifying username and password management
•Improving used identity and data protection
•Increasing speed by simplifying the login process
•Relieving help desk workloads
•Reduced security risk

To take advantage of SSO today, please reach out here. 


•Fixed an issue where Content Request email notifications were not sent to admins.

•Filtering by library on the Web Portal Notifications page now displays the library names.

•Fixed an issue where Unicode characters were replaced with a question mark when uploading Shared Parameter files in Shared Parameter Management.

•In Project Analytics, the Unique Team Members in Active Projects module is now populating correctly.

•In Project Analytics, local saves are no longer recorded for projects that have worksharing enabled.

•Fixed an issue where channels that have been shared with another company could not be deleted.

•Fixed an issue with User Group memberships not updating correctly via SSO.

•The “Token” field is no longer required when setting up a new SSO Identity Provider.

•The Content Management API now properly rejects requests that do not specify a Revit year.


Thank you for being a valued UNIFI customer and taking the time to get the details on our 2021-1 release.  Speaking of, you may notice that the numbering structure looks different from our previous releases. To keep things simple, we’ll utilize this structure moving forward where each release will start with the calendar year, followed by the release number in chronological order of that year.  Retroactive releases will be referenced by their original number.

Before you go, we want to quickly preview what you can expect in our next release, 2021-2:

•Search enhancements: Performance enhancements, optimized search results, additional search filters, and a streamlined search UI.

•Type Catalog Updates: As of Revit 2021, certain unit of measurement definitions have changed which can cause type catalogs to become incompatible between Revit 2021 and previous Revit years. As of our next update, customers will be able to manage multiple type catalogs for a single Revit family.

As always, if there’s a feature, update, or bug fix you’re hoping for in a future release please don’t hesitate to let us know.

UNIFI Labs Appoints Dan Reid As Their New CTO

Dan Reid CTO

Las Vegas, NV, April 2021 – UNIFI Labs is excited to announce the addition of a new member to their ever-growing team as Dan Reid, joins the team as CTO. With over 25 years of experience, Dan strengthens UNIFI’s expertise at both an executive level and across multiple technologies. We’re excited to have him help us advance in our efforts to deliver revolutionary BIM solutions to our customers.

We are very excited to have Dan Reid join us as UNIFI’s CTO. Dan’s extensive software experience paired with his passion for technology, domain context, and track record in scaling technical organizations will accelerate the expansion of our platform and products.” said Dwayne Miller, CEO at UNIFI.

In his new CTO position, Dan will enable UNIFI to capitalize on new technical opportunities around machine learning, cloud services and automation, and high-performance Agile product development.

As we invest in growing our technical resources to support our ever-expanding platform and accelerate the development of new features, we were looking for an experienced technical leader who has built and scaled development teamssaid Virginia Senf, COO at UNIFI.  “In Dan, we found the rare combination of that seasoned technical and leadership experience accompanied by deep customer centricity and domain expertise. We are looking forward to the immediate impact Dan will have on advancing our roadmap and his longer-term influence on building on UNIFI’s commitment to journeying with our customers by diversifying the building industry stakeholders we are serving,”

Prior to joining UNIFI Labs, Dan held leadership roles at several companies in different capacities, ranging from CTO, Cloud Architect, and VP of Engineering. Some of the companies he’s worked for include BSG, Proctor & Gamble, Luminant Worldwide, Triple Point Technology, and Waste Management. Dan is an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, has served as founder of several startups, and has architected numerous delivery stack frameworks and enterprise software products.

Dwayne shared how Dan’s role supports UNIFI’s mission,  and growth plans, As a key member of our leadership team, we are confident Dan will help UNIFI accelerate in our journey as we continue forward in our purpose of facilitating common data environments and enabling fluid data collaboration for all building life cycle stakeholders.”

For more information about TEAM UNIFI and our Better BIM solutions that save designers 200 annually. To learn more, please visit us at https://unifilabs.com/

About UNIFI Labs

UNIFI Labs is a global leader in cloud-based BIM content management and project health analytics. The company’s essential data platform is designed to deliver a Better BIM experience by helping users navigate the DARK BIM. Over 40,000 users from hundreds of organizations across the globe trust UNIFI for their BIM content/data management needs, including Stantec, HDR, Arcadis, Kimley Horn, and Chick-fil-A. To try UNIFI free, visit us at UNIFIlabs.com 

April 28 @ 11 AM PDT: Webinar Invite

You’re invited to join our webinar, “Revit Tips and Tricks” on April 28 at 11 am PDT. 

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You’re invited to join our Festival of Digital Construcion panel discussion “Coordinated, Accurate, Efficient, and Organized: Optimizing Collaboration Using BIM” on April 13 at 8 am PDT. 

Join us along with panelists:

•Damien DeSantis, BIM Manager, DeSimone Consulting Engineers

•François Appéré, Regional BIM Manager, North America, Arcadis US Inc

•Sahil Shah, Design Technology Manager, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. 

•Sean McDonald, Regional BIM Manager, Thornton Tomasetti

•Paul Highley, P.E., Electrical Engineering Manager, McKinstry

•Shannon Lightfoot, Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) Manager at McCarthy Building Companies

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2020: UNIFI’s Year in Review

The end of the year always invites reflection, and despite this year’s uncertainty, 2020 is no exception! What a riveting year it has been. Amidst unprecedented times and a global pandemic, we were more grateful than ever to be the only cloud-based BIM content management and project health platform, empowering our users to seamlessly transition to remote work and access their content anytime, anywhere – without VPN or IT assistance.  

In addition, we were hard at work developing several features based on feedback from our customers and Executive Advisory Board, all of which served to help our users save more time, money, and gain increased efficiency. Here are the UNIFI platform developments released this year that we’re the proudest of:

•Automatically Generated Preview ImagesThe first feature we’re most proud of in 2021 is one our customers and Executive Advisory Board were particularly excited about, Automatically Generated Preview Images. Prior to this release, to get nice looking preview images, admins would have to spend hours setting up specific views and/or capturing images manually for each Revit family.  With UNIFI‘s Automatically Generated Preview images, admins can simply configure settings in the UNIFI Web Portal, and preview images will be created automatically.  We’re proud to save admins lots of time and greatly improve our end-users experience. 

•Saved Search Updates

To improve user experience, we rolled out updates to our Saved Search feature in early 2021.  In addition to a more streamlined and simplified UI, this update added all the robust options present in our standard search to saved searches, including selecting search fields and filtering by Revit Parameters. This rollout has enhanced users’ workflows around saved searches, a feature that is extensively used by UNIFI customers to help their users find the right content more quickly.

•Autodesk 2021 Support 

Within 8 weeks of Autodesk’s 2021 release, we rolled out UNIFI support for Revit 2021 and AutoCAD 2021. With this update, users utilizing AutoCAD and Revit versions 2016 and later were able to take full advantage of UNIFI. On top of rapid support for Autodesk’s releases, UNIFI is proud to be the exclusive platform to offer versioning that automatically upgrades and aligns your BIM content to the latest version of Revit.

•Project Analytics Data CollectionIn both our first and final product releases of 2020, we improved Project Analytics data collection speed and overall user experience.  Admins now have complete control over the data collection process at both the company and project level.  This includes complete transparency into the average collection times, down to each individual data type. We also implemented a progress bar that displays while data is being collected during the sync process.  The display of this progress bar is also configurable by admins. 

•Platform Enhancements

We made several performance enhancements that resulted in a better user experience across the platform.  Most notably, we improved search speed by more than 70%.  We also updated our Shared Parameter Management feature to handle large shared parameter files (up to 4MB).  In addition to enhancing these features and other aspects of our platform, we solved various bugs throughout the year. To see the full list of bug fixes, please check out our release notes. 

Looking Ahead

As we enter 2021, our product roadmap is more exciting than ever and filled with some game changing features. You have a lot to look forward to, including:

•Search Enhancements

As we add more and more data to search, we want to make sure we are providing the best possible user experience.  We have several enhancements planned that will improve the overall technical performance of search, optimize the relevance of search results, as well as simplify the user interface.  

•SSO Enhancements

We’re adding SSO SCIM features for automatic provisioning of users and user groups, enhancing our current SSO functionality and reducing the amount of manual user management required.

•Type Catalog Updates

As of Revit 2021, type catalogs may no longer be compatible with previous versions of Revit, as Autodesk has updated several database identifiers for units of measurement in Revit 2021.  For type catalogs that contain units of measurement that have been changed, a separate type catalog must be maintained (one for Revit 2021 and one for Revit 2020 and previous).  We’re in the process of updating the UNIFI platform to support this change.  

•Isolated Libraries

We’re adding the ability for admins to create isolated libraries that can house content independent of other libraries.  In other words, files added to an isolated library will not override files with the same name in other libraries.  Examples of use cases for this feature are sandbox libraries for vetting content, as well as project-specific libraries.

 …And much more!

To conclude, we want to send you our sincerest thanks for helping make 2020 a year of growth at UNIFI. During a year of such uncertainty, we were humbled to play a key role in facilitating our customers’ transition to remote work and to work with so many new firms who found themselves in need of a cloud-based source of truth for their BIM content.

UNIFI was founded by engineers in the industry who understand the struggles our customers face, firsthand. As such, our foremost objective is to journey with our users in their BIM content management and project health strategies, helping you accelerate project velocity. If there’s anything else you’d like to see in the future of UNIFI, please don’t hesitate to let us know, as we use your feedback to inform and prioritize our product roadmap.

Before you go, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below. What was your favorite feature of 2020 and what are you most excited to see come in 2021?

December 9 @ 11 am PDT: 15 Min to BIM Invite

You’re invited to join our 15 Minutes to BIM webinar, “A Year in Review – Reflecting on UNIFI”