Miele Australia: Forever Better BIM Content


Miele is known for its premium brand of appliances produced in
Germany and sold globally. The company motto, “Imer Besser”
translates into “Forever Better” which is a philosophy Miele applies
across its entire organization, including the creation and distribution
of BIM content. With the release of UNIFI CONNECT, Miele found
that UNIFI was not only able to create superior BIM content, but
also deliver this content directly into the hands of designers.


For AEC firms to consider adopting a manufacturer’s content library, consistency in creation is vital, especially for an extensive library like Miele’s Residential and Commercial Product Ranges which encompasses 11 product categories, 137 Revit families and 206 Miele products. Miele turned to UNIFI as a partner to create BIM content that fully captured
the functionality, attention to detail, reliability and overall quality inherent to these products. “Miele is well known to have an unwavering commitment to quality in all things we do. Based on our interaction with the UNIFI team and research we did with our clients, it’s clear to us that UNIFI share this ethos and
they are capable of delivering products and services
in line with our standards,” says Ben Curmi, Head
of Project Sales Australia/New Zealand for Miele.
Miele Australia:
Forever Better BIM Content, “Our relationship with UNIFI is key
to ensuring we stay at the forefront
of innovation as it relates to design
technology and providing the
right design tools to specifiers.”
– Ben Curmi,
Head of Project Sales, Australia/New Zealand
Early on in UNIFI’s engagement with Miele, we identified it was
important for the content to incorporate valuable features that
provide assistance to designers in arranging, coordinating and
validating their designs. These features include:
• Clearance zones: door swings, rangehood clearance heights
• Spatial requirements for installation: niches, ventilation zones,
• Reference planes for placement: easy alignment and
guidance for cooktop burner offset standards/ building codes
• Parametric families: models adjustable within actual product
tolerances for design flexibility
• Data access: embedded ‘deep links’ to SKU-specific, online
technical information
Appliances are ‘big ticket items’, both when it comes to
design and when it comes to BIM content. Building elements
like these need to present well in visualization outputs, but
ust as importantly, the content needs to document well and
perform efficiently in a project environment. For example, in
high rise, multi-residential projects there may be hundreds
of each kitchen and laundry element (cooktops, rangehoods,
ovens, dishwashers, microwaves) so models for these fixtures
have the potential to have a big impact on how easy the project
model is for designers to work with. Although it is standard
practice for UNIFI when creating Revit content for architectural
elements, it was particularly critical to build Levels of Detail
(LOD) into the Miele Revit library with careful thought given to
what should be shown at each level in both 2D and 3D based
on how the content would need to document and how the
content needs to perform from an efficiency perspective. Following the completion of the Miele Revit library, UNIFI and
Miele embarked on a ‘roadshow’ of exclusive launch functions
attended by designers and BIM leaders from over 200 of
Australia and New Zealand’s most prominent design firms.
“During our series of events to launch our new Revit content
library, we consistently heard from clients that what UNIFI had
created was the single best resource of its type they’d seen
to date,” says Ben.
UNIFI also created a ‘Content Overview and User Guide’ for
Miele which allowed Miele to communicate the more technical
elements of their Revit content directly with their clients


As a way of ensuring their Revit content library is easily
accessible to designers, Miele made hosting their content
on UNIFI CONNECT a major component of their BIM content
management and communication strategy. “As a highly
innovative manufacturer, Miele frequently develop new
products. Being able to communicate updates to our BIM
library in real-time with the design community through
UNIFI CONNECT is extremely valuable to us,” says Ben.
“Our relationship with UNIFI is key to ensuring we stay at the
forefront of innovation as it relates to design technology and
providing the right design tools to specifiers. UNIFI’s strong,
direct ties to our A&D clients means they acutely understand
their needs and how we as a supplier need to be creating
and communicating our BIM content.” UNIFI is committing
to ensuring that Miele’s motto of “Forever Better” is carried
out through the creation and distribution of its BIM content.