KTGY: Breaking Down Siloes by Building Content in the Cloud

“The name of the product, UNIFI,
describes what KTGY was able to
do – we now have a single source
of content. Truth in advertising!”
– Troy Gates,
Director of Design Technology


KTGY is an international full-service architecture and planning
firm that combines big picture opportunities, modern sustainable
practices and impeccable design standards into innovative
building developments. KTGY prides itself as a firm filled with
problem solvers, who are able to translate its clients’ complex
requirements into simple and elegant solutions. When KTGY
realized that they had an internal problem with BIM (Building
Information Models) content being siloed across their seven
different offices, they turned to UNIFI and its cloud-based
solution as the answer to empowering its employees with
a consistent, single source of standardized BIM content.


KTGY builds beautiful spaces, but they were
creating silos when it came to managing their
BIM content. Each of the seven KTGY offices
across the globe had its own way of storing
content and there was no consistency nor sharing
of content among offices. This led to waste,
inefficiency and created walls between offices
and amongst its 120 designers. Enter Troy Gates,
KTGY’s Director of Design Technology, who
was tasked with breaking down these barriers.
Troy, an early adopter of Revit himself, wanted
to find a content management solution that
provided a single source of truth and allowed
users to easily find content without having the
hassles of managing the content. Troy wanted
a content management solution that put the
power into the hands of their users, while also
addressing the inefficiencies inherent in the
siloed approach employed at each KTGY office.


Enter UNIFI – where Troy found a cloud-based
content solution that delivered a single source of
content and company-wide standardization. “KTGY
now looks like one company regardless of whether
our Oakland, Irvine or Pune office is designing,” says
Troy Gates. “All seven offices have access to content
at any time with one source.” KTGY designers are
able to focus on design, rather than searching and
managing content. UNIFI’s cloud-based access
and powerful search features including saved
searches and favorites, empower KTGY users to
easily find the content that best fits their project.
Design is a fluid process and flexibility is a must, which
UNIFI enables through a robust set of permissions and
libraries. Troy and his core team set standards and
approve new content that goes into a KTGY company
standards library. Troy also sets up a “free for all” library
where anyone in KTGY can place content – which
fosters creativity and new ideas. The content in this
library moves into the company standards library once
it has been reviewed and approved. Troy envisions
that one day, the company library will hold all content,
a process that is still evolving.

The UNIFI platform delivers unique operational
efficiencies beyond traditional content management.
UNIFI analytics provide Troy with a data rich understanding
of what content is being used, what isn’t and
helps shape how KTGY manages BIM content into the
future. On-boarding new architects is a breeze, no
more hunting for content – so they can immediately
start designing.
KTGY doesn’t just architect buildings, their designers
also help shape the UNIFI product. Inside UNIFI there
is an Ideas Portal where any user can submit a request
for a new product feature. Many of KTGY’s submissions
have been incorporated into UNIFI. Additionally, Troy
is a member of UNIFI’s Advisory Board, where he
provides valuable insights into the future direction of
the solution that further the utility of UNIFI for KTGY
and the industry as a whole. UNIFI views KTGY as
not only a customer, but a valued partner. And, we
are delighted that KTGY has achieved remarkable
success with UNIFI’s cloud-based content management
solution. As Troy states, “The name of the product,
UNIFI, describes what KTGY was able to do – we now
have a single source of content. Truth in advertising!”