Britex: BIM Content that Drives Business Value

“Our specifier clients are now
happier than ever with the
service we’re providing. Our
specification frequency continues
to grow and our reputation as an
industry leader has never been
greater. We consider working
with UNIFI as our BIM services
provider to be a key part of our
sales and marketing strategy.”
– David Kelly,
National Sales Manager


Britex is Australia’s premier manufacturer of commercial stainless
steel plumbing products and architectural fittings. With a sales
and marketing strategy firmly focused on commercial project
specification – by Architects, Interior Designers and Hydraulic
Engineers – Britex was one of the first Australian manufacturers
to invest in a long-term BIM strategy. With UNIFI as their provider
of BIM content creation and strategic BIM services, Britex is
considered one of the true market leaders among all BIMenabled
Australian manufacturers. Britex initially engaged with
IGS BIM Solutions which was acquired by UNIFI in 2016.
Britex had begun developing an extensive library of Revit families
for their products at the request of several major Architecture
clients. However, like many of UNIFI’s product manufacturer clients,
Britex initially engaged not one, but several content creators prior
to working with UNIFI, all of whom who were unable to provide
content that Britex’s Architecture clients saw value in utilizing.
To ensure the Revit content created for Britex was utilized by the
broadest possible user base, UNIFI focused on creating content
that provided maximum value to each discipline of designer. In
the simplest possible terms this meant addressing key criteria for
each category of Revit content user including Architects, Engineers
and Designers.
• Architects: Families capable of producing high quality
documentation (e.g. 2D drawings, schedules etc) and included
ample, well-structured product data.
• Interior Designers: 3D geometry sufficient to create basic renders
and accurately depict the major aesthetic elements of the products
• Hydraulic Engineers: Families include defined water connectors
and sanitary outlets
BIM Content that Drives Business Value
It would be fair to say the Britex Revit library has been
an enormous success for Britex. Being an early adopter
in its category, Britex was able to benefit greatly from being first to market with quality, fit-for-purpose Revit families for their products. Britex was able to provide a great service to these designers who were
now looking for quality Revit content, especially free
Revit content from product suppliers, to help them in
their new design and documentation processes. The
end result: specification volumes, and in turn sales
figures, increased significantly following the launch
of the Britex Revit library developed by UNIFI.