SSOE: It’s All About Value — More Bang for Your Click

“UNIFI embodies efficiency, we are
able to do more with less. Or, in
UNIFI’s case – do more per click.”

– Roan Isaku,
BIM Specialist


As a Top 10 Engineering & Architecture firm, SSOE Group has
been delivering a full range of project delivery solutions across
20+ locations worldwide for over 60 years. SSOE leverages
advanced technology and integrated teams to deliver high value
results across its projects – saving time, trouble, and money for
its clients. When SSOE found that its BIM content management
strategy wasn’t keeping pace with the needs of the firm, they
turned to UNIFI – and found a partner who shared their vision
of embracing technology and collaboration to drive value.


Before engaging with UNIFI, SSOE had an
extensive BIM content library with thousands
of pieces of content to serve the needs of
its vast and diverse client base. Initially, all
of their BIM content was stored in a single
network location. As use of BIM grew across
SSOE’s nearly 30 locations, they realized
this solution would become inefficient and
difficult to maintain. Accessing content was
becoming slow at times, fixing broken content
was difficult and propagating content changes
across models presented numerous hurdles.
Roan Isaku, a BIM Specialist at SSOE and an
architect himself, worked in the Revit team
within SSOE and understood that “SSOE’s
growth and pervasive utilization of BIM
had brought them to a point with their BIM
content that they needed a new solution”.

SOLUTION: More Bang For Your Click

Leveraging SSOE’s own core values of agility and
innovation, Roan turned to a like-minded solution –
UNIFI Content Management – which offered “more
bang for your click” in managing and utilizing content.
UNIFI’s cloud-based solution fit the needs of SSOE’s
distributed workforce of nearly 300 Revit users by
enabling rapid access to a single source of content
from anywhere, anytime. Intuitive workflows fostered
sharing and collaboration among designers, while
also streamlining content reviews and changes.

Now, Roan and the other BIM Admins are able to
review and approve content from wherever they
are – in the office on a desktop or in the field on a
mobile phone – making it easy to distribute the most
up-to-date content in real-time. “UNIFI embodies
efficiency,” says Roan, “we are able to do more with
less. Or, in UNIFI’s case – do more per click.”
Moving the designers to UNIFI was a planned and
deliberate process. As Roan describes it, “Some of
our users were reluctant to move away from a solution
they knew – the server – to try Unifi.” SSOE’s advantage
was their dedicated BIM coordinators and culture of
learning and development. By partnering closely with
UNIFI’s customer success team, several impactful
training sessions were conducted. They focused on
introducing UNIFI’s capabilities within SSOE’s unique
project workflows. Thanks to those customized training
sessions, UNIFI has now become the primary content
management solution for Revit users allowing for more
efficient project delivery and improved collaboration
between offices and disciplines. The “old” network
server has become SSOE’s backup for content.
“UNIFI has become second nature for accessing content
at SSOE. It provides maximum effect with minimum
resources,” says Roan, and helps SSOE fulfill its model
of delivering value and ultimately making their clients