IA Interior Architects: Transforming Building Information into Business Intelligence

“With UNIFI, we have a
way to contain content
as a single point of truth.”

– Guy Messick, Director of
Design Intelligence


Interior Architects (IA) designs more than a pretty space,
they translate their client’s goals, brand and culture into
powerful environments built around people, process,
technology and business drivers. IA’s clients are techsavvy
and data-driven, and include leading firms in the
technology, retail and commercial sectors with operations
(and interior spaces) located across the globe.


Prior to UNIFI, IA organized its interior content into folders that
were replicated across servers in each office, worldwide. This
system proved to be unwieldy, with update and access issues
constantly impacting the shared network folders. It was slowing
the speed of IA’s high performance staff, who needed rapid and
dependable access to design assets.


With UNIFI, IA found more than just a solution to their content management needs, they found a partner who could help them fulfill their mission of leveraging technology to create and optimize interior spaces. The core elements of UNIFI’s cloud-based solution satisfied IA’s need to contain content as a single point of truth. Designers now have always-on, anywhere access to content so they can get what they need, when they need it.

 The common interface of the UNIFI solution streamlines workflows across IA’s offices, so “UNIFI is the bridge, allowing all of our staff, offices, consultants
and clients access to critical content.”
IA boasts thousands of unique design
assets and growing. These assets include
high quality furniture content, lighting
models, cabinetry, system families, detail libraries, manufacturer specific models, IA Interior Architectures, and more. IA utilizes UNIFI’s on-demand-content service, which frees up the IA team to focus on designing the optimal design spaces rather than
creating objects. 

The UNIFI team now creates custom objects based on IA’s specifications, saving time and ensuring data consistency globally. IA feels that anyone can design an interior space, but being a steward of the data to optimize and manage their clients’ interior spaces is what differentiates IA from their competitors. UNIFI automates the organization of content, which drives efficiency and allows for better analytics. Through its use of UNIFI , IA gains unique insights into how and where design objects are used throughout its projects. By analyzing that usage data, IA is able to work with their clients to drive efficiency and business value, transforming their role in the building process. 

It’s true, IA designs beautiful interiors…but, there’s a lot of technology and intellectual know-how built into supporting that space. UNIFI enables IA to share that knowledge with their customers, making them much
more than just another design firm to their clients