Do you ever find yourself so focused on getting a job done, that you don’t take time to explore Revit tips, tricks, hacks, and keyboard shortcuts that will make you more efficient? You’re not alone! Revit users have tight timelines on their deliverables and as a result,  put opportunities to learn how to maximize productivity on the backburner. After all, how does one change the oil on a car going down the freeway at 100 MPH?

If you can relate to this struggle, this is the perfect webinar for you. We’ll share several obscure Revit tips and tricks that will boost productivity (or at least, will make you wonder how anyone ever figured that out!)

In his 20 years of experience with Autodesk software, host and esteemed BIM Consultant Brian Mackey has discovered that not everyone loves to right-click on and in everything to see what happens, or hold Ctrl and hit every other key to see the outcome in Revit.  Years of this time-wasting behavior has led Brian to develop a large volume of everyday tips and tricks that will make save anyone an enormous amount of time. Not only has Brian discovered bizarre right-click options, he has also found many useful tips for working in and with schedules, and other random tips that only bored geeks who randomly click may find.

In this webinar,  Brian will share these tips, tricks, and keyboard shortcuts. In just one short hour, you’ll learn the tips and tricks you need to save you dozens on your next project.