UNIFILabs Product Roadmap


We want to share our plans and progress with you as we continue to innovate our software and services.  Our public roadmap offers high-level insights into both our near-term and long-term plans for current product improvements and new product development.  The process of developing great software is very similar to the building process for structures, things can change and long-term plans require a certain level of flexibility.  With that said, this page will be kept up to date and communicate a date stamp of the last update.   If you have any additional questions about our product roadmap please reach out to your account manager.  If you’re new to UNIFILabs and need to speak with someone, please reach out through the contact us page.

Last Updated: 10/23/2018

How to Submit Feedback

UNIFILabs has a live feedback portal that is accessible to current customer through the UNIFI desktop application and through the customer portal.  For more information please visit our Product Feedback Information page.


Project Analytics V1.1

Timing: Mid November

Details: Team UNIFI is committed to the continuous improvement of Project Analytics. Our V1.1 release incorporates a collection of feature updates suggested in part by our customers, industry experts and through our own industry research.  

Based on the feedback received, we’ve focused this release on making improvements to user experience and improving the ability to troubleshoot issues with the data provided.

Improvements will include:

– A chart will be added to the Compare Changes page (Model Level), delivering a more seamless user experience around viewing and navigating changes to the model.

– Functionality improvements to be able to view and filter various data points shown in the dashboards, including the ability to view tooltip information, to hide models that aren’t needed for project analytics, and to sort/filter projects by design phase.

– Enhancements to the current “Top 10 Families” module on the Company Dashboard to provide insight into both the most used and least used families.

– A new tab will be added to the Company Level that lists all unused families across all Models in all Projects.

The addition of Revit Element IDs for all applicable content in the Content tab (Model Level)..

UNIFI Core 3.2

Timing: End of December

Details: This release will include two major features, Materials and Fill Patterns Management Support and enhancements to Content Request Email Notifications. More detail on each improvement is provided below.

– Materials and Fill Patterns Management Support

– Our customers have informed us that AEC firms are struggling to effectively maintain a standardized set of materials and fill patterns for shared use across their design team because Revit currently looks for these files on each user’s local machine. With that in mind, we are adding the ability for users to upload and store materials and fill patterns as individual assets within the UNIFI cloud so they can be shared across the team and easily searched for, with the ability to filter by material class or fill pattern type. Users will have the ability to apply materials to a surface or load materials or fill patterns directly into Revit from UNIFI Core.

– Email Notification for Content Upload Requests

– This is the top requested idea identified through our feedback platform. While we already offer an email notification workflow for new content requests, we are adding email notifications to our content upload request process. We will also notify all users when a file is added or updated, so they can make the appropriate updates to their projects as necessary.

Past Release Notes:

All past release notes are available on our blog.