How to Favorite Content

A great use of a personal saved search is to house all of your favorite content. Favoriting content is different than the Star Rating. When you favorite a piece of content, that is unique to the user. If you want others on your team to know the content is preferred, you’ll want to utilize its star rating shown to the left of the image. There are two ways to favorite a piece of content, the first is to right-click on the name of the object. 

Favorite Content

Right-clicking on the name, gives you some quick select options such as “Add a tag,” “Download,” “Favorite,” and more. You’re able to do this one by one or in batches. Holding down the Shift key or the Control key will enable you to select as needed or you can select all of a search result with CTRL + A. The second way to favorite a piece of content is to left-click on the name of the content. 

Favorite Content
Favorite Content

Next, click on the heart icon in the upper right corner. This method may be preferred if you need to also review any of the parameter data or file history before favoriting the content.

Create a Saved Search to Access Favorite Content

Favorite content can be sorted in any search result by accessing search filters or

to easily access all your favorite content, set up a saved search.  Go to your Saved Searches section by clicking on the disk icon on the left side of the screen. 

Favorite Content

If you set up a saved search for your favorites, this is where you could easily access it. If you haven’t created one, here is how you can set it up. First, click on My Saved Searches.

Favorite Content

Next, select the plus sign in the upper right corner of the screen.

Favorite Content

And then enter a group name. We are going to call this one “Favorites”. You could also create a Favorites search under any other group. For example, if you wanted to include your favorites for all architecture content, you could put your favorites search there. In this case, we are creating an entire group devoted to favorite content. Once you’ve entered in the group name, click OK.

Favorite Content

Click on Favorites to expand that new group

Favorite Content

Next, select the plus sign to create a new search.

Favorite Content

Now you’ll want to enter in a search name. In this case, let’s call this one “All Favorites.”

Saved Search Name

Put a star in the Search Term section so that your search finds all favorites.

Search Term

Next, select which libraries you want to search, or you can even search for all of them. You can also search subscribed channels as well. In other words, you can access all of your favorites throughout everything. 

And then check the box that says Favorites Only.

Favorite Content Saved Search

Now select Save in the upper right corner of the screen.


And that saved search is now listed under that saved search group.

Favorite Content

What this also allows you to do is since you have this broad search category, you can now duplicate it for different types of content. For example, if you wanted to create a search where you see your favorite casework, you can duplicate this search and modify the search criteria to view only casework. Or you could duplicate this search and modify it to see door favorites. And so on. To do this, right-click on that search and select Duplicate

You could then select Categories 

Favorite Content

And then you’d simply select the categories focused on the types of content that you want in this particular search.

Favorite Content

Similarly, if you want to create two different searches that have slight variations in searching terms (for example, one client of ours had one saved search for interior hollow metal doors and another saved search for exterior hollow metal doors), you can duplicate the search here and make those slight tweaks within the search bar.

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