Submitting Content Requests

Content Requests

If there is a particular piece of content that you need that is not in any of your libraries, you can submit a Content Request. Start by selecting the icon with a pencil and paper on the left side of the screen.

User Training - Content Requests

Complete the form by including project information, due date, priority, company, and libraries.

User Training - Content Requests

You can also specify the file type and name, as well as provide specific instructions for the content. 

User Training - Content Requests

You can then drag and drop any supporting documentation such as cut sheets, CAD files, or even sketches & images. 

User Training - Content Requests

You can also specify which groups will receive email notifications when the status changes or new comments are added. When you are done, select Create Content Request.

User Training - Content Requests

A discussion forum is visible to show you all discussion tied to this request.  You can always refer back to this request and any supporting documentation and discussion. 

Once the request is fulfilled, it’s automatically added to the library specified.

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