How to Manage Users

As a company admin, you are in control of user access in UNIFI. In the User Management Portal, you can manage users, groups, sign-on providers, and licenses.

Let’s go ahead and access the User Management Portal. It’s important to note that only company admins can access the user management portal. Click on the people icon on the left side of the screen.

Managing Groups

Groups are an excellent way to manage sets of UNIFI users. You can create Library User Groups to grant sets of users access to individual company libraries, Library Admin Groups to allow specific users to manage library content, or Content Notification groups to manage different types of content requests.

As you decide how you want to create your groups, keep in mind that you will need to set up at least one group, as groups also provide users with access to our Manufacturer Channel Subscriptions feature that is provided for free with your UNIFI service.

To get started, select Manage Groups at the top of the screen.

Next, select Add in the upper right corner

Now enter the New User Group name and select OK.

In order to add users to a group, click on the specific group you want to edit and then you can either select Edit in the upper right of the screen OR right click on the group and select Edit. 

From here, you can search for users by name to add or remove from groups. To future proof any standard user groups for added users after setup, you have the option of automatically including new users.

You also have the option of creating a Content Request Notification Group. This type of group is used for any non-library admins to receive notifications for content requests. As content requests can be used to manage all types of content, you may have a group for AutoCAD or Sketchup users to create requested content.

When you are done editing your group, you’ll want to select Save Group.

SSO Setup

Once you have subscribed to our Single Sign-On service (SSO), we will be in touch with you to properly set up the SSO. You may also reach out to us at in order to properly configure your service directory within the UNIFI platform.

Adding Users

Let’s look at how to manage specific users. Go to the User Management Portal by clicking on the people icon on the left side of the screen:

Next, select Manage Users.

To Add a user, click on the Add button in the top right of the screen.

Next, enter in the user information. You can grant the user administrative access as well as indicate which groups the user may belong to. Once you have filled in the appropriate information, select Save User.

Importing Multiple Users at Once

To add multiple users at once, you can use the Import feature. Select Import from the top right of the screen

You have two import options: Import from Excel or Import manually.

Excel Import

The screen will automatically put you on the Paste from Excel page. Before you paste from Excel, you will want to make sure that the columns are ordered as follows:

  1. Email Address
  2. First Name
  3. Last Name
  4. Groups (separated with commas)

Then copy the contents from your Excel spreadsheet and paste them into the large space provided towards the bottom of the page.

You’ll notice that you can assign company admins as you add users. If some of your users will be assigned as company admins, but others will not, you’ll want to import those separately since checking the Company Admin box assigns all imported users admin status.

Once you have pasted all of the contents, select Import Users.

UNIFI will then send each user an activation email with a random password. You might also like to create your own password (for example, if you have a company password). To do this, simply uncheck the Automatically send out activation email box and paste in your own password.

Manual Import

To import individuals manually, select the Manual Import tab.

Then simply enter in email addresses (one on each line) in the field provided.

Keep in mind that this method will not import first and last names; you (or the user) will need to edit that after the import.

And just like with the Excel import, you will want to do a separate import for company admins versus the standard users.

You can also customize the password.

Once you are done, select Import Users.

Editing Users

Now let’s say that you want to edit a user. You can search for the individual’s name and then either select their name and click Edit on the top right of the screen OR you can right-click on their name and select Edit.

Once you have edited the user’s information, select Save User (or, if you’d like to delete a user, you can select Delete User).

UNIFI also allows you to Export User information. Simply select Export User Report from the left side of the screen.

A CSV file will then download, giving you information on each user, including the name, admin status, user groups, date of account creation, and timestamp of last login.

As you can see, UNIFI makes it easy to manage users & groups, all in one place.

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