How to Manage Libraries in UNIFI

In this article, we will cover how to manage libraries in UNIFI. You’ll learn how to add, edit, and organize your libraries.

The Library Management Portal allows you to manage administrator and user access for libraries, as well as run library content reports.

Let’s start by clicking on the book icon on the left side of the screen. Now, keep in mind, this is only visible to company admins. 

Manage Libraries

Adding a Library

To add a library, click Add on the upper right side of the screen.

Manage Libraries

Next, type in the library name and select OK.

Manage Libraries

Editing a Library

To assign library admins and grant user access, select the library you want to edit and then either right-click and select Edit or select Edit from the top right of the screen.

Editing a library

Keep in mind that company administrators will automatically be granted access to all libraries.

On the left side, you’ll see all User Administrators included; you can add more by searching for individuals in the left column

Manage Libraries

You can also add administrators by group. To do this, click on the Administrators by Group tab.

Manage Libraries

From here, you can add or remove groups.

Manage Libraries

Now let’s look at how to manage users’ access to the library. Click on the Users with Access tab to add and remove users.

Manage User Access to Library

You can also manage the groups that have access to the library. To do this, click on the Groups with Access tab and add/remove user groups.

Manage Groups with Access

Once you are done managing all users, select Save Library.

Manage Libraries

Deleting a Library

To delete a library, select the library that you want to delete and either right-click and select Delete or select Delete from the top right of the screen.

A window will pop up asking you what you’d like to do with the content in the library. You can choose to either move the content, or you can simply delete it all.

Manage Libraries

If you opt to move the content, then you’ll select from the dropdown menu the library that you’d like to move the content to, and then click Select.

Manage Libraries

Content Management Best Practices: Libraries Vs Tags

An easy-to-access company library is only part of the power of UNIFI. Tags can be added to any uploaded file – whether it’s a Revit family, a component, or non-Revit file such as a PDF or DWG file. 

All the Revit families from a project, for example, can get tagged with the project name and added to your standards library. We also have clients tag content by spec number or company division. The choice is yours.

So, if you’re looking for a family from a specific project, you can search by family type and project name. Uploaded files can have any number of tags. Tags can be admin or user-defined, giving you a lot of flexibility in their application.

Library Content Reports

Company Admins can also run library content reports. These reports include the element type, family name, category, size, number of times it was inserted, rating, original author, date created and modified, and the email of who last modified the content. 

Simply select the library you want to run a report on and click Report

Run a Library Content Report

A bar appears at the very top of the screen indicating that your Report is ready to view. To view the report, select View Now.

Manage Libraries

An Excel spreadsheet will then open with the report.

Content can live in multiple libraries and on occasion, there may be content you want to ensure is never accidentally overwritten. If a user uploads content to a library they have admin rights to, it will also update any other libraries that content lives in that they may not have admin rights to.  If you’d like to limit Library Admin rights of a Library, you can Protect the Library. Protecting a Library will restrict Library Admin rights of the Library and only Company Admins of the Company sharing the Library will be able to add or update content. To protect a library, you’ll want to right-click to edit the LIbrary within the Unifi App, in the upper right corner, you select Protect this Library.

How to Protect a Library
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