How to Browse for Content

One of the easy ways to find content in UNIFI is by using the browse feature. This allows you to find content that is sorted by libraries and categories.

To access the Browse feature, click on the folder icon in the upper left hand corner.

Browse for content in UNIFI

Here you’ll be able to view all Company Libraries and Channels. Go to libraries and click on the “Architecture” library.

Browse for content in UNIFI

The main benefit of the browse feature is that content is automatically grouped by model category, so there are no subfolders to sift through. 

From this screen, you are seeing all the content that is in this library. It’s important to note that you didn’t have to create these as subfolders. For Revit families, UNIFI automatically groups them by the model category.

As you probably noticed, UNIFI stores multiple file types here, so if it’s a different file type other than a Revit family, it will be grouped by file extension such as 3DS, Doc, DWG, or PDF.

Now click on the “Materials” category.

Browse for content in UNIFI

You’ll see here that the materials are grouped by material class. 

You’re going to click on Wood for your project.

Browse for content in UNIFI

There are quite a few materials in that class. You can use the star ratings and tags to help you determine if this is the material you want.

You can also click on the name of one item and view even more information. You can view material properties such as surface patterns and cut patterns, appearance, and even some physical and thermal properties.

Browse for content in UNIFI

To add this material to your project, you simply click on the thumbnail image. Similar to UNIFI prompting you to place other types of content, once you load a material, UNIFI will automatically load it into an active Revit project.

In addition to the browse feature, you can also find content using the standard search feature and saved searches.

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