Using the Batch Editor in UNIFI

The Batch Editor feature gives you the ability to view all your content stored within UNIFI and manage tags and libraries.  

To access the Batch Editor, click on the globe icon on the left side of the screen in UNIFI.

UNIFI Web Portal

A browser window will open with the UNIFI Web Portal. Select Batch Editor from the left side of the screen.

Batch Editor

From here, you can see all of your content.

Batch Editor

Merge or Delete a Tag

If you ever want to merge or delete a tag, all you have to do is hover over the tag and select one of those options from the dropdown screen.

Rename, Merge, or Delete Tags

Let’s take a look at what it’s like to do a merge. To do this, hover over one of your tags and select Merge

In this case, let’s say that you want to merge Construction Facilities with other construction-related tags, just to clean up a little. You can either search for other construction tabs or scroll through the list.

Merge Tags

Next, you’ll select any of the tags that you would like to merge and select the arrow pointing to the right.

Merge tags in UNIFI

To remove any tags under the merge section, simply select their names and click on the arrow pointing to the left.

Merge Tags in UNIFI

When you’re done moving tags over, you can either keep the name of the first tag you selected to Merge or rename it. Then, select Merge

Merge Tags in UNIFI

Search by Naming Conventions

The Batch Editor is a great tool because it helps you search by naming conventions. For example, if we search for “hr)” here, we can see how this common fire rating name convention is included in the title of various walls and doors. But as you can see here, each of these pieces of content have an “interior” tag, but are not yet given a “fire rating” tag.

Batch Editor

What you could now do is select whichever pieces of content you want to add a fire rating tag to.

Batch Editor

Next, select Manage Tags.

Manage tags in Batch Editor

You can select from the group of tags here, or you can create a new tag by selecting + Create New tag.

Create tag in batch editor

Next, type in the new tag name. You’ll see that as you type, some possible options will come up, such as “alarm” or “protection.” In this case, we want it to be neither of those, so we will finish typing and hit Save.

New Tag Name in Batch Editor

Make sure that the new tag is selected and then select Apply Changes.

Batch Editor

And now all of this content will be tagged within the UNIFI app with “Fire Rating.”

Manage Libraries 

You can also manage your libraries in this section. Let’s look at how this works. 

Our BIM Manager has finished vetting all Air Terminal tags, so we’d like to move this content out of our Sandbox environment and over to our main libraries. 

Type the asterisk (*) in the search bar so it searches all of your content and then click on the magnifying glass.

Batch Editor

Next, select All Libraries and click on Select None.

Batch Editor

 Then just select Sandbox.

Sandbox Library UNIFI

Now click on Filter.

Batch Editor

 Instead of clicking on Any Family Category, you can click on just Air Terminals and then select Apply Filters.

Batch Editor

You’re now looking at all Air Terminal content in your Sandbox library. 

We will select the air terminal content we want, and then we will click on Manage Libraries

Manage Libraries in Batch Editor

Next, we simply select the libraries we want to put this into and then click Apply Changes.

Manage Libraries in Batch Editor

As you can see, our Batch Editor feature allows you to quickly change libraries or tags for your content. Check out our Web Portal article to learn about how UNIFI’s Web Portal can help you better manage your content. 

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