Regions Served:  Global

Website: www.ENGworks.com

Contact: sales@unifilabs.com

UNIFI CONNECT Channel: bimX – Content Finder – Sample Library, bimX – Pipe Fitting Finder – Sample

Product Categories: Electrical Equipment, Mechanical Equipment, Pipe Accessories


The bimX, Inc. Content Finder leverages a database of over 10,000 Autodesk Revit families that have been created to over 200 different manufacturers specifications. bimX has made this library available directly within UNIFI. The component parts have been distributed with logical meta-tags for ease of use and enhanced searchability. To purchase the full “bimX – Content Finder” channel subscription, please contact sales@unifilabs.com.


We’ve provided a sample view of the Engworks UNIFI CONNECT library below.  To access the full library, please log-on to UNIFI CORE and navigate to the Channels section of your content library.