The 7 Biggest Time Wasters Every BIM Manager Should Avoid 

Are you trying to work more efficiently as a BIM manager? Perhaps you’ve found yourself frustrated with lagging Revit models or maddening project delays. 

We’ve put together the biggest time wasters that every BIM manager should avoid, and we provide you with helpful tips to avoid them.   

Time Waster #1: Revit-Slowing Content 

One of the biggest time wasters a BIM Manager faces is when Revit is running slow. All that time waiting for content and projects to load adds up. To fix this, make sure that you keep an eye on the following: 

– Team members using different versions of Revit 

– Overuse of in-place families 

– CAD imports 

– Improper import of images 

– Plan regions not created as dependent views 

– Minor Revit version corruption 

You can read more about why these cause issues and how to fix them in our article, What Happened and Who-dun-it. 

Time Waster #2: Content That Is Difficult to Find 

When team members can’t find content easily, then they can waste significant time searching for it. Ensure that you implement a BIM content management system that allows you to filter your search criteria, save searches, and tag content.  

Time Waster #3: Inefficient Content Request Workflow 

An inefficient system for handling content requests is another time suck for BIM managers. You want to make sure that team members can easily submit their requested content and indicate which project they need it for, the due date, priority, the library it needs to be added to, file type, name, and any additional instructions they may want to add.  

UNIFI streamlines this process through its content notification feature. Users can drag and drop design documents and receive notifications on the status of their requests.

Time Waster #4: Not Limiting User Access 

If you lack a system for managing who has access to what content, you could waste significant time for your firm. Users without proper authority could add content to incorrect locations. You and your team members may have to wade through content and content requests that aren’t relevant to you.  Or perhaps your team may not be able to include the BIM guru or team specialist to help create or manage a subset for content associated with special workflows. 

To prevent these setbacks, you’ll want to utilize a content management platform that allows you to manage users both individually and by groups. You’ll want to be able to assign both company admins (who can manage all libraries in a company) and library admins (who can only manage a specific library).  

Time Waster #5: Not Keeping Close Tabs on the Health of Projects 

Several problems could come up that impact a project. If you let these issues go, they could eventually become big problems. The key is to nip them in the bud. If you tend to them early on, the fix can be relatively easy and save you a significant amount of time. 

UNIFI’s Project Analytics shows you the overall health of a project and notifies you when certain issues come up. You can customize these according to what is important to you and your firm. These health indicators notify you of items that need attention before they become major problems. 

Time Waster #6: Answering the Same Question Over and Over Again

If you find yourself answering the same question repeatedly, this probably means that you don’t have easy-to-access onboarding videos and documents to get people started. It could also mean that there are workflows and technical issues that may need more exploration.

Having an easy-to-access BIM guide and technical workflow materials allows you to answer questions with consistency and increase the efficiency of your entire team.

Time Waster #7: Long Sync Times

Long sync times quickly zap the efficiency (and patience) of a firm.  However, with the right tool, it’s a relatively simple fix. Quite often it means that a particular user needs a better internet connection or computer.

UNIFI’s Project Analytics can help you pinpoint the specific user causing the spike in sync time so that you can contact them and notify them of the needed fix.

Once you identify and fix these lagging sync times, your company should see a considerable improvement in efficiency.


Your time is precious. Once you trim out these time wasters, you should experience a great sense of efficiency in your BIM management plan. Are there other time wasters you have found? Please comment below and let us know.

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