UNIFI Acquires IGS BIM Solutions

UNIFI Acquires IGS BIM Solutions

Global Expansion of BIM Content Creation Capabilities, Depth & Expertise

Las Vegas, NV –  UNIFI Labs, Inc. (UNIFI), the global leader in cloud-based BIM content management and creation, announced the acquisition of IGS BIM Solutions (IGS), Australia’s pre-eminent BIM content creation provider for building product manufacturers (BPMs).  The combination of IGS and UNIFI will transform the entire building industry by providing superior BIM content application insights and development expertise to the BIM content utilized across the entire building lifecycle.

UNIFI and IGS share a mutual commitment to deliver superior BIM content via a deep understanding of BPMs product and value propositions, and integrate this into how architects, engineers and contractors utilize the content.  For nearly a decade, the IGS team has honed its BIM content creation expertise and developed an in-depth knowledge of how BIM content is used across the building lifecycle by providing content services to BPMs, as well as architects, engineers, contractors and asset managers.  UNIFI employs a similar approach to BIM creation, developing high quality content for leading BPMs across the globe. The combination of UNIFI’s and IGS’ skillset, passion and dedication to superior BIM solutions results in purpose-oriented BIM content that better caters to user needs, driving efficiency and enhanced collaboration across the entire building lifecycle.

“We take the time to learn about the BPMs products and consider which elements are important to communicate in a BIM workflow,” says Ben Fox, IGS Founder and Co-director.  “Then, we leverage our content creation capabilities and experience working with content users throughout the design, documentation and procurement phases to develop manufacturer-specific content that better aligns with user needs.”  The result? High quality BIM content that actually gets utilized by the manufacturers’ clients in a project environment, and adds considerable value to various stakeholders at several stages of the design and construction process.  The global coverage of the IGS and UNIFI teams will accelerate content development, while gathering and retaining knowledge necessary to meet the specific needs of BIM content users in various regions.

“IGS and UNIFI share the same commitment to our customers and the entire building industry – that superior BIM solutions enhance collaboration and streamline the building lifecycle,” says Dwayne Miller, UNIFI Co-founder. “Having recently collaborated with the IGS team to deliver a number of Revit content development projects, it’s clear to see why they have earned their global reputation as an industry leader in this field. It was a natural fit for our organizations to come together.”

About UNIFI:

UNIFI is the essential cloud platform to create and manage Revit and digital building content. The UNIFI content creation team utilizes a unique blend of industry knowledge and proven expertise to create the highest quality BIM assets.  The UNIFI content management platform ensures data consistency and anywhere access to BIM content –across teams and global offices. Learn why leading architectural, engineering, construction and manufacturing organizations trust UNIFI as the complete solution for their building content management needs at www.unifilabs.com or contact us at 702.527.6460.