Interview with the Chief Development Officer

I recently was able to interview Steve Germano, Chief Development Officer for Inview Labs.  Steve’s responses to the following questions do a nice job at revealing the value proposition and objectives of Unifi.  Enjoy!



Q – Why did INVIEW labs create the Unifi platform?

A – To provide an intuitive, reliable, & scalable platform for solving the myriad of Revit content management challenges that AEC firms face in today’s competitive market.

Q – What are some of the industry challenges in managing Revit content?

A – There are many challenges design firms face with managing tens of thousands of pieces of content. These challenges are much broader than just managing files, they encompass team workflows, user access, collaboration around content creation, and a lack of analytics and insights into content usage.

Q – What does Unifi offer that your competitors do not?

A – Unifi has a robust, scalable cloud that incorporates a Revit cluster for mining metadata, editing parameters, and performing deep analysis of Revit content. We are the only industry offering that has developed a cloud powered Revit cluster.

Q – What makes Unifi such a diverse solution?

A – Product Depth. Unifi manages far more than Revit families, the .RFA format which people refer to as content. Content is more than just families, Unifi can extract System Families, Drafting Views (Details), Model Groups, and Schedules (coming soon).

Q – What do you feel your customers value the most about the Unifi product?

A – Customer support. It might sound funny as it has nothing to do with the actual product features or tech, but the best software on the planet is no good without support. We pride ourselves on providing an extremely high level of customer support. We have customers around the globe, and that puts pressure on our support team to be available 24/7 and some customers have jokingly asked me if our support staff ever sleeps. The majority of the time when our customers reach out for assistance, our support team is chatting with them instantly. If you are deploying an enterprise level software internationally, you need to have trust in the support of that product by the developers and that is exactly the message we want our customers to hear.

Q – Unifi is updated very frequently. Can you explain the idea behind this as compared to annual product releases?

A – Our development teams utilize agile methodologies which enable us to quickly and effectively make incremental improvements to the Unifi product and release these improvements to our customers rapidly. Most software companies in our industry do a major feature release annually with service packs (bug fixes) once or twice a year. Our cloud architecture enables us to release certain types of changes daily if needed. The quicker we can get new features into our customers hands the more value we can offer our customers. Technology moves quickly, we have designed our company from inception to be able to quickly adapt to stay ahead of industry trends.

Q – Unifi looks very different than many apps in the AEC market place, can you talk about why your app design is a contrast to the industry norm.

A – One of our company core values is simplicity. “Simplicity is the origin of freedom” and that is a very powerful statement. There are many powerful softwares out there in the AEC industry, but they are so complex to learn and use that their usefulness is reduced. We have designed Unifi to be an intuitive, simple interface with limited buttons and a non-cluttered UI. The goal is to allow the user to focus on their content, and not the tool being used to find that content. When we design our interfaces the first question we ask ourselves is “what can we pull out, what can we simplify, how can we direct the user to what they are after as quickly as possible”.

Q – What’s next in store for Unifi?

A – We still have a lot of work to do. We will be launching our first major release this year, v2.0, that will encompass a streamlined design, faster search engine, and a better overall user experience. We also have other products in design that we are very excited about, that leverage the Unifi cloud platform. We are continually working with several NDA customers to explore new tech we can build that will solve their industry problems. Hearing our customers excitement about our Unifi product really motivates our team, pushes us to never be complacent.

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