Webinar: Become a BIM Pro

Let’s talk BIM shop. We want to arm you with the tips, tricks and best practices that will empower you to become a BIM Pro. Hear from UNIFI customers, including BIM Managers and Design Technologists from leading AECO firms around the world, who will share the knowledge they’ve gained (and the mistakes they’ve made!) as they strive to be BIM Pros.  Sign up now for the webinar on Tuesday, June 6th at 11amPT/2pmPT.

We’ll have a few “in demand” topics on the agenda that we know are top of mind from our daily conversations with customers and also leave plenty of time for questions from you. View this webinar as an interactive roundtable with your fellow industry leaders to gain expert insights on a variety of topics ranging from the strategic to the nitty-gritty including:

• Multi-format support

• Accessing high quality manufacturer content

• Keeping up to date with Revit

• Library strategies

• Setting standards

• Batch tag editing

• Schedule support

Register now! Join our team at 11am PT on Tuesday, June 6th to learn about the latest best practices being leveraged to accelerate ROI from BIM investments, and to learn how UNIFI can help you push your firm’s BIM strategy to new heights.