Webinar: How To Identify Manufacturers Who Make It Easy for You to Specify Content


As an AEC, you probably look for manufacturer content to use in your models on a regular basis.  However, you’ve probably realized that not all manufacturer content is created equal. How can you identify what best practices progressive manufacturers are following to make it easier for you to trust and specify their content? Join us for a webinar on October 11th at 9amPT with Southwest Solutions Group, a leading provider of innovative efficiency systems where they share their perspectives on how manufacturers can make it “easy” for AECs to specify their content.

They’ll focus on how these areas critical to making it easier for you to specify their products:

  • Discovery – How do progressive manufacturers make it easy for AECs to find their content? And, make sure you have the “latest and greatest” version?
  • Education – How do progressive manufacturers make it easy for AECs to understand how to use their content?
  • Collaboration – How can you communicate your needs to manufacturers so that they use that input to deliver and evolve content that fits your needs?
  • Analyze – How do progressive manufacturers use analytics to improve and customize their content for you?
  • Specification – How can a manufacturer assist you during the specification process