BIM Content Creation

Rely on UNIFI’s expert team to rapidly and effectively create your BIM content – on demand.


“UNIFI worked closely with us to create a Revit content library that
was catered to the needs of our target market.”
– Britex

“With UNIFI, we have a way to contain content as a single point of truth.”

– Interior Architects

“UNIFI was able to produce a well thought out and costed scope of works with clear milestones and timelines.”

– Dulux

“By having BIM content freely available for our products…designers are able to document our products faster and more accurately, meaning we are specified more often.”
– METLAM Australia

“UNIFI was able to accurately recreate our products in Revit, reflecting the aesthetic and engineering qualities of our products, incorporating an appropriate balance of LOD and file size requirements.”
– Wilkhahn

“Very few companies have been able to achieve such a quality library of components that I can drop into a model with complete confidence.”

“Our models not only fit the customer’s needs, they help us to create long lasting relationships across our diverse brands.”
– Legrand

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Employ the proven expertise of the UNIFI content development team to create your BIM content – the way you want it, when you need it.

  • Automated tools provide insight into the quality of your library

  • Internal add-ins allow delivery of requests with unprecedented speed

  • Our team tailors content to your unique standards

  • Track your requests directly through the UNIFI platform

  • Free audit of one library - CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP NOW


Leverage our expert content creation team to rapidly build unique components according to your organization’s standards – we’ve built thousands of components for hundreds of organizations. Depend on UNIFI’s team to create your unique library of high quality components, and allow your team to focus efforts on what they do best – designing, building and operating buildings.


Put your components in the hands – and models – of the world’s leading architects and engineers. Rely on our team of experienced content creators to translate the unique specifications of your components to BIM and make the highest quality versions available to your customers. And, place your content on UNIFI Connect, a hosting platform directly integrated into the libraries and models of designers and specifiers,

Here’s Content We’ve Created for our Customers