UNIFI Connect Marketing Benefits

When your digital content is placed on UNIFI Connect, you gain direct access to the libraries and models of leading AECOs and the UNIFI marketing machine. Your organization’s logo and products will get promoted in the following areas:

  • UNIFI Newsletter: Featured in first UNIFI monthly newsletter after content is uploaded and logo visibility in subsequent newsletters.
  • Emails Campaigns: Promotion to the UNIFI customer and prospect base increasing your brand awareness and reach.
  • Website Promotion: Visibility across the SEO-friendly UNIFI website and a profile on the “Who’s on Connect” page which includes a company description and logo.
  • Social Media Postings: Promotion via Twitter, LinkedIn and other outlets reaching AECO industry professionals and influencers.
  • UNIFI Connect Promotion Kit: Best practices guide and promotional marketing templates provided by our team to support you in marketing your Connect channels to your own audience.
  • Success Story: Opportunity to tell your story turned into a compelling piece that can be shared with your customers and is promoted on the UNIFI blog and website as well as in our dedicated Customers section.