Building Content Summit: Why we care

We’re getting excited for the Building Content Summit!  Here’s a little background on Inview’s involvement in the event:

Over a year ago, a few of us at Inview started bouncing the idea around of a conference where manufacturers and designers could openly collaborate.  Inview has always had strong relationships with manufacturers and we often work to provide them with a strategy around BIM.  One thing has become clear to us as we’ve done this: for the building process to improve, manufacturers and designers must be willing to share much more information than they currently do.

Apparently, we were not alone in this sentiment.  Others at the same time were thinking the same thing.  Randall Stevens, CEO from ArchVision, approached us last year after mulling on the idea for some time.  Randall also had discovered that RTC Events had been contemplating it.  From there, we formed our committee and got planning!

We are proud to have a solid representation in the event. We will have Steve Germano (Chief Development Officer), Bryan Novotny (Director of BIM Development) and myself (Director of Technical Solutions and co-chair of BCS) in attendance.

We’re excited to now see over 40 different companies coming from 8 different countries represented in the registration so far!  Many have commented “This has been needed for a LONG time!”  We feel the same way.

There are serious challenges related to BIM content and we look forward to the chance to work with others that not only feel the same way but can help effect a real difference.

For more information on the event:

Follow the BCS blog:

(It’s not too late to register!!)

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